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Drink dispensers

Post-mix dispenser

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The post-mix drinks dispenser is designed to dispense, instantly, 2 different types of cold drinks mixing water with concentrates such as juices with pulp or cordials, in preset doses. FL2 BIG JUICE can house standard-sized canisters and boxed bags of concentrate with a maximum capacity of 5 litres.
This facilitates the dispenser's restocking operations and also guarantees maximum hygiene levels for the products as they are never handled, only dispensed by the machine when necessary and in the quantities fixed. This also means the organoleptic features and flavours of the drinks are also never altered. The fact that the machine con handle up to five litres of concentrate at a time means a large number of drinks can be dispensed and so FL2 BIG JUICE is particularly suitable for the requirements of organisations that have to cater for large numbers of people in short spaces of time, such as at buffet breakfasts in big hotels, holiday resorts, discos and anywhere that caters for communal living.
Main features:
- electronic dosing system which guarantees a precise concentration of the product; the volume of water or concentrate can be changed electronically, which means the machine can be set perfectly for the right proportions for each type of drink;
- special mixer which ensures the drink is mixed perfectly when it is poured into the cup;
- autonomous water tank with 12 litres capacity, automatic level monitoring and refill function available either manual or directly from the water mains;
- the machine can house ready-to-use canisters or boxed bags of concentrate with a capacity of 5 litres and standard dimensions;
- jug option: with a simple flick of a switch the machine can dispense a series of drinks to fill a single jug;
- maximum hygiene levels: quick and easy cleaning without the need for any special tools. Automatic rinsing option for the mixing chambers;
- Lit front panel for advertising the drinks dispensed.

Motor power capacity: 250 WATT
Capacity: Max. LT 5 each flavour
Net weight: Kg. 52
Dimensions: cm. 57x36x79
Freezing gas: R 134 a




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